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Island Group Plans is one of New York Metro area’s leading employee benefits firm. We have been providing benefits and client satisfaction to businesses throughout the Greater New York Metro Region for over a decade.

The benefits world has evolved drastically in the last couple of years due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Island Group Plans’ approach is to form strategic partnerships with our clients. It’s not just about choosing a plan, it’s a business decision. We specialize in formulating creative plan designs that provide high quality solutions at the most reasonable costs available. We pride ourselves in simplifying the benefits selection process with our organized approach to guide you through the maze of confusion.

As an independent company, we are able to maintain an unbiased position and always act in your best interest.




511NY Rideshare
is New York's home for ridematching, traveler services and transportation alternatives to driving alone. We provide a suite of programs and services including ridematching for carpools and vanpools, employer commuter benefits services, and resources and information for transit, bicycling, walking, telework and other options.

511NY Rideshare is a vital feature of the free 511NY system that is building a smarter, multimodal transportation network coordinating road, train and bus information to get you connected to go. 511NY Rideshare is sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation to provide free commuter and traveler information.



Transit Solutions™ was created to help improve air quality on Long Island by promoting the use of transit options. According to the most recent census, almost 70% of Nassau County residents and 80% of Suffolk County residents drive to work alone. Reducing this number and increasing the use of transit options can improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, reduce traffic congestion, and conserve energy while helping residents and commuters save money.

If you own or manage a business on Long Island, contact Rosemary Mascali, Transit Solutions Manager, for more information about pre-tax transit benefits. While helping to improve the environment, you and your employees will also save money on payroll taxes. By using pre-tax dollars to pay for their commute, employees can save up to 40% annually in their transit expenses.

Transit Solutions can also conduct transportation days at your location and provide assistance in developing Workplace Travel Plans that encourage efficient and sustainable commuting among employees.

For more information contact:

Rosemary Mascali
Manager, Transit Solutions
(516) 242-8121